About topinsiderbet

We are a highly exclusive conglomerate of professional moneymakers situated around the world. Our team is comprised of former financial industry advisors, oddsmakers, professional players and trainers.

We encourage you to try other services so you can see for yourself why we are the absolute best. Other people tout money management systems, winning percentages, hot streaks, trends, point spread systems, etc.

Some are decent, some are bad and most are lucky to hit about 50% of their plays over time. TopInsiderBet.com care most about our clients and importantly betting from our own pockets."

We have a few plays a week that are incredible money makers. These plays WIN - When you wager on our tips, you’ll win.

Monitored service

Topinsiderbet.com guarantees reliability and consistency in all our different types of tips. Our organisation operate with a high sense of integrity and professionalism. We offer 24 hours VIP service and care to all our valued clients.

Topinsiderbet.com is an official monitored and verified tipping company published in Tipsterconnection.com

Betting Discipline

To get the most out of our service we suggest that you have the discipline to only play the games we recommend. This is a moneymaking service, not a handicapping one. Often times the best bet is not making one at all. We do this to make cash and expect you to follow our lead all the way to the bank!


Most people look at the line up, statistics, trends, injuries etc, when in fact, all these are already factored into the odds.

This is simply the basic work of oddsmakers to determine the handicap or money line bet. The payout entices an equal number of the general public to bet on both sides of the game and the sportsbooks netts a guaranteed profit on the juice. . .but that is not how the sportsbooks make money!

REALITY IS: sportbooks make most of their money when the public loses. -"We are experts at isolating these “traps” and taking advantage of them."

Expectation from TOPINSIDERBET.com

We have amassed an incredible record wagering on most club matches. Match fixing is often motivated by agreements with bookmaking syndicates, sometimes a team may deliberately lose to gain some perceived future advantage.

  • TopInsiderBet - explores many possible motivations for not playing as hard as possible to win.
  • TopInsiderBet - has direct access to dozens of players, referees and managers in this sport.
  • With these rare insiders in the scene we have been able to consistently beat the oddsmakers and cash in huge!
  • You will generate tons of extra cash for yourself following our recommendations!